Review: Dave Moisan – Ungravity

Dave Moisan - Ungravity Part 1I’ve been waiting for the full length version of UNGRAVITY for a while, and now it’s just around the corner – available on November 18th!

I reviewed the EP release back in January and loved it.  It had three solid songs on it – Don’t Need To Worry Bout Me, Mexico, and Grave.  Great, great songs.

The album adds 9 new songs, bringing it to 12 in total.  Among the new songs, my favorite are Patience, Down To The Felt, Good Day Sir, and Lemonade.  I heard Lemonade on YouTube a couple of months back and was really happy to see it on the album.

Down To The Felt is absolutely amazing and I can’t get enough of it.

I asked Dave a little about his musical influences.  He grew up listening to old soul music (Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Ray Charles, Bill Withers, etc.) but now listens to a bit of everything  (except death metal – Ha!).

Dave’s smooth vocals and musical ability makes me want to force my kids listen to nothing but old soul music until I can no longer legally make decisions for them.  If they grow up to sing and play like this, they’ll thank me.


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