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Observations From A Theme Park Visit

I believe more than anything, that the one of the most important things we can do for our kids is create good memories.  Stuff doesn’t matter.  Memories do.

Noah and I went to Busch Gardens (Williamsburg, VA) at the weekend for a little (early) birthday treat for Noah.  He’ll be ten years old on November, 21st.  He’s a bit of a thrill seeker, so it wasn’t a hard decision for him when selecting where he wanted to go.

We had such a great time, with many great memories cemented in his little head.  I look forward to going back with the whole family.

Here are some observations I made from our 2 days in the park.

  • Finger print scanners for park access are a nuisance.
  • We discovered early on, carrying a back pack is not a good idea.
  • Theme parks are not happy places for every family.
  • Turkeys have big legs.
  • On wet days, people from the south turn up in hunting gear because it’s the only waterproofs they own.
  • Funnel cakes are like some kind of failed attempt at making a donut, but they are pretty amazing.
  • People are so diverse. I mean really diverse.  Our churches need diversity like this.  I’m not talking specifically about racial diversity, but that is included.
  • Some people like to ride coasters in their bare feet (see diverse comment).
  • Some theme park employees hate their job.
  • Some theme park employees would take convincing that an outside world exists.
  • Reminding everyone on board the roller coaster, as we are climbing, about a scene in Final Destination is not cool.
  • We kept bumping into the same people in a park of 30,000 people, which is weird.  We ended up giving them names.  For example, we always heard “Mister Dude” start his sentences with “Dude…”.
  • Wearing only a wife beater in < 40 degrees, makes you look stupid, not tough.
  • Every time I walked through the Irish themed village, I wanted to hike up my trouser legs and do a wee jig.  Seriously.
  • If you don’t mind getting wet, rainy days make for really short lines.
  • The more people on board your roller coaster, the faster it goes.
  • I was thankful I did not buy the queue pass ticket.  My organs needed the time between rides to find their way home.
  • Spending one-on-one time with each of your kids is so important.  They love it.
  • Letting my kid hear his dad scream like a girl is a good solid memory made.
  • Protecting my kid from the monsters made me feel like a hero.

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