Album Review: The Sounds Of Daniel Bashta – Daniel Bashta

I had Daniel’s EP, “My Worship in Motion” for quite some time.  Our church also love to sing “Like A Lion” which Crowder helped to bring to the forefront.  It was only when I was preparing for a recent creative worship service at our church that I re-discovered Daniel Bashta’s EP in my iTunes library.  I ended up using three separate tracks from that for the event.  The use of “Potter’s Wheel” during communion was very poignant.

It was shortly after that I heard the new album, “The Sounds Of Daniel Bashta“, was due out soon and I was excited to get hold of it.  It did not disappoint at all.  There are some songs repeated from the “My Worship In Motion” EP, but the arrangements and feel of them are completely different.

I love the rawness of these songs and their arrangements.  I love the layers and layers of sound that they have managed to capture.  There is deep passion in Daniel Bashta’s voice which is genuine, and a real sense of the Holy Spirit working through this recording.  It’s a powerful collection of songs.

There are 14 tracks on the albums and guest vocalists appearing on some of the songs – Mac Powell (from Third Day) and Kim Walker (from Jesus Culture).

It may be difficult for a lot of churches to transition some of these songs to your congregation.  I’d definitely start with “Like A Lion“, “Potter’s Wheel” and “Pursuit“.

The Sounds Of Daniel Bashta” is up there as one of my favorite worship albums.


3 thoughts on “Album Review: The Sounds Of Daniel Bashta – Daniel Bashta

  1. Joel says:

    I agree and very good album with a lot of passion, I believe is an understatement. Daniel’s style you feel its not about him at but true worship. Persuit has quickly become one of my new favorites also.


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