Set Lists

Story Church Set List – 18 Sep 2011 #sundaysetlists

  • All Because Of Jesus – Fee
  • Happy Day – Tim Hughes
  • God With Us – Mercy Me
  • Holy – Matt Redman

This week the Story Church band were Brandon, Andrew, Josh and me.

It was so good having Andrew back in the band this week after his long summer break in California, although maybe after three weeks in a row of his smart-alec comments I may change my mind.  For now we’re good.  😉

Brandon and Josh did great too despite not being able to get to rehearsal this week.

Overall I thought this weeks  sets went well.  I felt a real joy while leading the songs this week – some of that may have been due to parts of Brandon’s hot rods landing on my head during Happy Day.  Ha ha.

I did miss the additional vocal this week, but excited to have some new people joining the team soon.  I’m really excited about our new growth track at Story Church.  Among other things, it helps us to find out more about our people and what makes them tick.  Hoping to get a lot of new recruits out of this process!


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