New Blog: My Song In The Night

I want to tell you about a new blog from Bobby & Kristen Gilles called My Song In The Night.  Bobby and Kristen attend Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, Kentucky.

As well as a good source for Bobby’s and Kristen’s music , the site aims to do the following:

  1. Teach people how to write and share their testimony. Bobby has included Sojourn’s guidelines for writing the salvation testimonies that they share at their baptism services.
  2. Show the ways in which Bobby works with Sojourn Pastor Daniel Montgomery and his pulpit team to encourage interaction among their members with their sermon series, vision campaigns, scripture memory challenges and more.
  3. How Sojourn use social media, the arts and amateur photography to tell the story of our community, as a small part of God’s story.
  4. How your church members can use the Psalms as models for telling the story of God at work in their life, and express their longings, questions, and pain.
  5. Show the ways in which Bobby works with Sojourn Worship Pastor Mike Cosper to help their people see the full gospel in their weekly worship service liturgy, and their place in the gospel story.
  6. Songwriting instruction, from how to write simple scripture memory songs to the poetry mechanics behind hymn-writing, and how Bobby has worked as a songwriting workshop coordinator to foster collaboration & community and train songwriters in the Sojourn Music community.
I have already forwarded the photography post to several photographers at our church.  I’ll definitely be following along as this blog develops.
Keep up the good work, Bobby and Kristen!

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