Photos from UK: Mark, Leanne and the Lake District

I’d never been to the Lake District before. So, the plan this year was to head up there for a couple of nights to check it out. Liz and I left the kids with Aunty Miriam and Anna and took the longer than expected drive up to Ambleside in Cumbria. It truly is a lovely part of the world. The villages and surrounding countryside are very picturesque.

Even though I’d updated my maps on the GPS, it still managed to take us to a quarry before we finally found our hotel. Mobile phones weren’t much use there either as a signal was hard to come by.

Mark and Leanne drove out from Manchester to stay in Ambleside and spend some time with us on the Saturday. It was great to see them and I really appreciate Mark driving most of the time.

The weather was fantastic while we were there. It’s a real hikers paradise and we didn’t get a chance to go walking. So, we’ll have to go back again in the future.

From Lake District (July 2011), posted by Alastair Vance on 7/03/2011 (40 items)

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