Photos from UK: London

Liz’s immediate family all reside in London these days, so we always spend a few days here. After driving here for the first time, I’m definitely in favour of public transport. You can get anywhere you need to go just as quickly, and sometimes even faster than trying to fight the traffic in your car.

Most of the photos are from when we celebrated Nathan’s 11th birthday in Kingston. This is the first time in a couple of years I have managed to be around on Nathan’s birthday. I was usually back in the States while they stayed on in London.

We went to the cinema to see Diary of a wimpy kid 2 – which was really good. After than we went Ten (10, Miriam) Pin Bowling and then to Pizza Express for some food.

From London (July 2011), posted by Alastair Vance on 7/05/2011 (14 items)

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