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Story Church Set List – 29 May 2011 #sundaysetlists

Playing Guitar
Creative Commons License photo credit: xlibber

Song Artist Key Purchase
Your Love Never Fails Chris McClarney G
Cannons Phil Wickham G
How Great Is Our God Chris Tomlin C
Hungry Kathryn Scott C
Hosanna Brooke Fraser E

This week’s Story Church band was Mike on drums, Johnnie on acoustic guitar, Josh on bass, Jillien on vocals and myself on acoustic.

Being a holiday weekend, we were quite low on attendance.  Still, there was enough people there belting out the songs that they could be heard over the band on occasion!

Luke presented a great case for community and why it’s important for us to reach out to others around us.  When Luke talked about community groups, a point that stuck out to me was the warning against using a check-list to evaluate people we wanted to be a part of our group.

It’s natural to gather together with people who share similar interests and life situations, but when this goes as far as making certain groups exclusive then it’s not right.  I agree with this since I have seen this first hand.

In my experience, exclusive groups like this don’t last.  They fizzle out.  In contrast, I have seen other groups which have a complete mix of different personalities, grow deeper with each other and last much longer.

All the talk of community groups got me thinking.  It’s time to start doing a short devotional (~10mins) at the start of rehearsals.  I know many churches do this, but we have not as yet.  So I shared this with Brian on Sunday and he is going to start this on Thursday night.  I’m excited as we take this next step as a team together.

Check out what other churches did this weekend over at The Worship Community.


2 thoughts on “Story Church Set List – 29 May 2011 #sundaysetlists

  1. Great idea to be more intentional abut community building with your music team. Reminds me of a statement I once heard: “Some churches use people to get things done; other churches use things to get people done.”

    How can involvement in a music ministry help people connect to God and one another in deeper ways? Keep pushing into this Alastair – you are on to something big!



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