God, I need You today more than ever…

It’s been a mad week.  12+ hour days.  Deadlines.

God I need You today more than ever…

I said this this morning on the way to work.

Why do we say that?  I mean, are there days we don’t need God as much as we do on others?  Are we big enough to go it alone sometimes?

I quickly caught myself on.  We need God more every day, regardless of what is going on in our lives.  It’s just times like this that remind us how useless we are without Him.


4 thoughts on “God, I need You today more than ever…

  1. Maureen Charlton says:

    [edited by av] wow so hear you on that one, this has been a harsh week, have had, what I thought were my closest friends dropping me like hot cakes on fb. Because I believe that I need to stand up as a Titus 2 woman of God and speak out to the younger women of the Church when I can help them to maintain harmony in their homes. I have 35 years experience with living in a shift working environment, and I believe a degree of delicacy when dealing with people. However this time I was ridiculed and belittled. Called a gossip and a malingner and a horrible person & the young person complained to her mom. I am pretty devastated here. I have reviewed what I said & did & I do not believe I have done wrong I have talked with God & asked forgiveness I don’t know what else to do.


    • Alastair Vance says:

      So sorry to hear that Maureen. I pray you see the situation improve and resolve itself. Keep talking to God about it. Go and try to talk to your pastors about it also.


  2. Maureen Charlton says:

    [edited by av] I thought she was my good friend. I was so shocked when she reacted so strongly out of the flesh. I am devastated that they could believe the lies of the enemy about me. Not even give me a chance to defend myself. And at this time I do not believe there is anything I can say that they will believe. So all I can do is hold my head up and remain with my Father. He & I know the truth. Just please pray also. I feel His love, I know I did not do anything wrong, I know that I was given Titus 2 as a verse to live out and I know that satan loves to try and keep us invalidated. , so I think the worst thing I can do is stop doing what I am supposed to be doing.?


  3. Paul says that God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness. So I suppose when we feel especially weak it allows the LORD to do especially strong work in our lives during those moments.


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