Set Lists

Story Church Set List – 20 Feb 2011

Song Artist Key Bpm Purchase
Say Say Kristian Stanfill B
Sun Stand Still Wade Joye B
Our God Chris Tomlin B
Consuming Fire / Holy Ground Tim Hughes D
Revelation Song Jennie Lee Riddle G

This week’s band was Bruce on drums (and his brand new acoustic set at that!), Dan on bass, Andrew on electric, Jillien on vocals, and myself on acoustic and vocals.

We got rid of the music stands this week. ¬†There’s a monitor at the front now with the same feed that is projected on the large screen. ¬†It’s something we’ve wanted to do for a long time. ¬†I was a little nervous this week because of the change. ¬†There was a couple of little hiccups, but¬†Yancy did a great job on the slides and made it much easier than it could have been.

We played Sun Stand Still again this week.  Overall, the first set went OK, but I think the more familiar songs in the second set went much better.

I tagged the old chorus “We are standing on holy ground” on the end of Consuming Fire. ¬†Off the end of that I was able to lead straight into Revelation Song. ¬†Jillien led vocals during the second set and did a fantastic job. ¬†Revelation Song was awesome.


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