Set Lists

Story Church Set List – 23 Jan 2011

Song Artist Key Bpm Purchase
My Savior Lives Glenn Packiam E
Blessed Be Your Name Matt Redman A
Forever Reign Hillsong A
Hosanna Brooke Fraser E
We Still Believe Kathryn Scott A

Jillien and Katie led this week while I took the weekend off.  I heard it went very well.  I love that we’ve got to the stage now were we can have different people lead for us at Story Church.

I am so used to singing songs in certain keys and I find it difficult estimating keys for other people.  Is it just down to experience or is there some method no-one is telling me about?


5 thoughts on “Story Church Set List – 23 Jan 2011

  1. i think its just that everyone’s voice is unique, and each individual has a range that fits most comfortably. Sometimes even if you can hit a certain note it doesn’t sound good coming from that voice. (just b/c you can hit it, doesn’t mean you should)

    You asked my input on Sunday’s worship, and I’ve thought about it so much and analyzed it so long, that you’ve given up and posted the set list regardless ahhahaha

    All in all, a joyful noise was made unto the Lord, and I’m confident that the holy Spirit strengthened where we were weak.



  2. I have these quick rules of thumb, which work (most of the time at least). It goes like this:

    Chris Tomlin – CD minus 3
    Matt Redman / Paul Baloche – same as CD
    Any female WL song – CD + 3 and so on

    When it doesn’t work, which is something I seem to find out only when I am on stage, it can cause some unfortunate moments of ‘worship!’

    Personal conclusion: It’s not easy.


    • Alastair Vance says:

      Here’s a question for you. Do we change keys to best suit the worship leader (male or female) or to suit the congregation? I have a feeling the latter would eventually produce better results. What do you think?


  3. Aaaah, I hate that question 😉 It’s such a thin line between ‘suit the congregation’ and ‘the worship leader sounds weird.’

    Luckily, I don’t sing too high, so most congregations are pretty comfy singing within my range (but not always).

    OTOH, I also kinda prefer singing a half or whole note higher than the average congregational range – this makes them try harder to sing and that somehow enhances the worship.

    That’s my 2 cents on how I approach key.


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