Great Tunes: Saw Doctors – I Useta Lover

I love this song.  There’s just something about it that encapsulates the humor and craic you often find when a whole heap of Irish people get together.

When my housemate at university used to get angry at the rest of us, he’d head into his room, slam the door and this would be one of the songs he’d play at full volume.  I’d like to thank John for the introduction.  John was a way more Irish than me.  I’d never heard much Saw Doctors stuff up where I lived!

The video is filmed in Galway town which is a lively, colourful little town down by the sea in the south west of Ireland.  Also, it looks like some of the people in this video were randomly passing by which is cool.


2 thoughts on “Great Tunes: Saw Doctors – I Useta Lover

  1. I LOVE the Saw Doctors. I’ve seen them a bunch of times, even dragged my wife to a show in NYC in 2001.

    It should be noted that this song still holds the record for longest time at #1 in Ireland, and also is on the Vatican’s “hit” list. Which is not a compliment. 🙂


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