My Music

Song Video: O Enemy (Original)

This song is inspired by Micah 7:7-8.  For some reason I kept coming back to this scripture over and over.  In end I posted the verses on my blog and my buddy Justin sends me a text about writing a song based on it.  On the night before I met with Justin to write, just so I’d have something to show, I wrote most of this song in my notebook – except for the bridge.  So he definitely gets credit here for motivating me to write.

I will post chord charts and mp3 download in the next couple of days.


I will wait expectantly
For the Lord to come and save me
And save me

He is the source of my salvation
He is the light of my life
He loves me more than any other
And with his strength I will rise

O enemy! You can’t stop me!
My God listens to my call
O enemy! Your day is coming
When before Him you will fall

Do not rejoice over me
This state is only temporary
You will see

My God is Holy
My God is mighty
He hears my call
He hears my call


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