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Story Church Set List – 05 Dec 2010

  • (B) My Saviour Lives – Glen Packiam
  • (B) God With Us – Mercy Me
  • (E) Nothing But The Blood – Robert Lowry
  • (E) All Who Are Thirsty – Brenton Brown
  • (E) Nothing But The Blood (Reprise) – Robert Lowry
  • (C) Came To My Rescue – Hillsong

During rehearsal on Thursday we worked hard on a new arrangement of Nothing But The Blood. I loved it, but just wasn’t 100% sure how’d it would go down in Story Church this morning. Setup seemed to slow way down mid-way this morning and we ended up with less rehearsal time than we had hoped for. Again we concentrated on the new Nothing But The Blood arrangement and not so much on the other songs.

Because of this I was pretty nervous. I even forgot to pray with the band like we normally do after Sunday morning rehearsal. I was thankful Jeremy took the time to pray over us just before 10am.

In the end the setlist worked really well, including transitions. Nothing But The Blood was a success.  I loved All Who Are Thirsty also.  I could have extended and extended that song all morning.

Story Church is growing.  Not just numerically, but in the context of worship.  There is lots more freedom in the service these days and it’s fantastic.  I hope we can keep pushing forward like we are.  I want to reach further into God’s presence and lead our congregation there too.  Remember, God doesn’t need to be warmed up, He’s there already.  He was there when you got up, got in the car, and came to church.  He’s with us everywhere, all of the time.  Don’t wait until 10 minutes in on the Sunday morning service to recognize that.  Acknowledge Him throughout your day and throughout your week.

The Holy Spirit was moving all over this morning. Jeremy brought a great message on the peace of God. We had communion too and I’m glad the band gets to participate in this. The way we normally do communion is to invite people to come up anytime while the band play through 2-3 songs. This morning was no different, but we managed to take part in communion after the service.

Someone made a decision to follow Jesus this morning too. How awesome is that? This is what it’s all about – sometimes we forget that. It’s easy to fall into the trap of doing church like some kind of christian-only social club. We always need to be aware that God is moving in people’s lives all around us. He invites us to be part of that.

Next week Katie Hemp is leading solo for the first time at Story Church. I’m taking the week off. Of course, many people see my summer trip to the UK as a holiday but they should know my Dad works me harder than anybody else. So, this is only the second Sunday in over a year I’ve had off. Ha ha!


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