Catalyst Conference 2010 Notes | Part 1

I’m finally getting around to typing up my notes from the conference.  Here’s notes from the Andy Stanley and Daniel Pink sessions.  The rest of the sessions will follow over the next couple of weeks.

Andy Stanley

TENSION – We all want more. Our appetites crave more, our appetites create tension.

Leadership appetites

  • Progress
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Win
  • Growth
  • Fame
  • Achievement
  • To be envied

God created our appetites. However sin distorted them.
It’s important to understand that appetites are never fully and finally satisfied.
Appetites whisper “NOW!” never “Later….”.

We need to tame/control our appetites.

Jacob and Esau (Gen 25)

What is birthright?

  • More inheritance (financial side).
  • Authority over rest of the family.
  • Blessing from God

Who would trade their future for something temporary/invaluable. (Gen 25).

When an appetite manifests itself our minds tend  to focus on it and everything else is blurred.

It would have been better for Esau to die than trade his birthright!

Tension never goes away.  We will always want more.  Do not allow your appetites to dictate your leadership.

As a leader, never do anything you wouldn’t want to stand in front of people and explain.

We have no idea what God wants to accomplish through our life, our children, and even our grandchildren.  Don’t mess it up!  Don’t trade your future!

Reflection: This was a great start to the conference from Andy Stanley.  It basically explained that we will will always have tensions.  Our job is not how to fix those tensions, but simply to manage them appropriately.  It’s important to resist satisfying an appetite that could mean missing out on something that God had planned for you.

Daniel Pink

We think the way to get performance is to reward for good behavior and punish bad behavior.  This is not necessarily the case.

With people performing tasks that require rudimentary cognitive skills it was found that less reward led to poorer performance.

However, it was found that artists were more creative in their non-commissioned works, when compared to their commissioned work.

(Artists are trying to give the world something the didn’t know they were missing).

Money is a motivator (fact).

Pay people just more than enough to remove the issue of money off the table.

What we want from our teams is engagement.  This can not be achieved through management.  Management is an old technology from the 1850’s.

How do we engage people?

FEDEX days

  • Deliver something over night.
  • Work on whatever you want.

Google 20% Time

  • Work on whatever you want.
  • Intellectual right not signed away.
  • Gmail was a 20% project.
  • Google News was a 20% project.


  • Can take as much vacation as they want.
  • No policies.


  • Big customer satisfaction.
  • Call centre employees do not use a script, they are allowed to handle the call their own way.

Making progress is motivation. You need regular feedback. Annual performance reviews are a waste of time. Do your own evaluations.  Set goals.

Carrots and sticks are so last century.  We need to upgrade to autonomy, mastery and purpose.

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