We Can’t Go Back

I realized something today.  We can’t go back.  Even if we wanted to.

Basically, the old life we left behind is gone.  It cannot be recreated or pieced back together as it once was.  It will never be how we remember it.

Too many elements have changed.  My office in Ireland would be filled with a whole new batch of people I don’t know.  Our home church has probably changed a lot.  Our relationships with people would be different.  Some old friendships would be rekindled while others would not.  The kids will probably face the biggest issues of reintegrating into their schools.

To top it all off, there would be no more Chick-Fil-A.

Over dramatic?“, Liz says.  Maybe.

The move to the US taught us one thing.  Confidence.  I think we have developed a new confidence as a family.  I feel we could move nearly anywhere and settle right in.  Before this opportunity came along we would not even have been open to that notion.

It’s often crossed my mind that God has used this to prepare us for some other future event.

I’m not ruling out a return to the UK.  What I don’t want to do is for us to go backwards.  To attempt (or be forced) to go back to what we did before.  Change is good, so long as change is propelling us forward.  Going back to where you left off is not change.

Someone once said, “Life is short”.  There’s no time to be going backwards.


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