Israel Houghton – Love God. Love People.

So the new album from Israel Houghton releases tomorrow and it’s called Love God. Love People.

In a way it carries on the theme of Power Of One.  It’s addresses the difference we could and should be making.  It challenges us to rethink those things we hold as priority in life in contrast to people in other parts of the world, or in different situations than you or I.

After a few listens of the new album, I think Israel’s previous record, Power Of One, is a more polished and well rounded album, even though this was recorded at Abbey Road.  I do absolutely love a couple of the new tracks though.  The others are a bit too ‘Ron Kenoly’ for me.

The title track Love God. Love People. is my favourite and seems to have a big Michael Jackson influence with parts of it sounding really like Jackon’s Leave Me Alone.

Love Rev is a humorous, but a serious challenge to view our ‘issues’ in perspective.

Ha ha ha! Like I said above, I’ve listened to this album a few times now, and again as I write this.  I’ve just realized there’s a cover of Chris Tomlin’s Our God on it.  I don’t like it – except for the bridge – that’s cool.

Name Of Love is a nice track toward the end of the album, with Hosanna closing it out very nicely.

I would say Love God. Love People. is more gospel music style than the funk that Power Of One brought.  I prefer the latter but this is still a great album and Iz fans will love it.


2 thoughts on “Israel Houghton – Love God. Love People.

    • Alastair Vance says:

      I read your review. Quite similar really, but I think you’d be more of a gospel music fan than me. I know you’re kidding, but for the record, there’s nothing wrong with Ron Kenoly that I know of. I’m just not attracted to the genre very much. Iz is probably one of the exceptions for me.


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