Great Tunes: Life, Love & Happiness

Continuing the great tunes series, a man called Brian Kennedy released a cracking couple of tunes a few years back now.  Here is one of them, “Life, Love & Happiness”.  Brian has an amazing voice as you’ll hear for yourself in the video.  Unfortunately, it’s more of a slideshow than a video, but you still get to hear the song.  Enjoy!  Let me know what you think!

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5 thoughts on “Great Tunes: Life, Love & Happiness

  1. Brian is way too good to essentially be an also ran in the world of folk-pop music.

    I personally love Sweetmouth – the one album duo project he did with Mark E Nevin (Fairground Attraction). That was sublime.

    But it’s hard to beat his original version of You Raise Me Up with Secret Garden before it was murdered across the globe…


    • Alastair Vance says:

      It was actually someone’s posting of Westlife’s version of “You Raise Me Up” on facebook that prompted me to quickly reply with Brian Kennedy’s version (and then create this post). I think Brian’s version of that song is probably the best I’ve heard too. They were actually looking for the Josh Groban version which is even worse than Westlife’s!!

      Another favourite Brian Kennedy song of mine is “Put The Message In The Box”. I don’t think he wrote this one (did he?), but it’s superb all the same.


      • Put The Message In The Box is an awesome tune. Written by Karl Wallinger (World Party). I love both his and Brian’s versions 🙂


  2. Now, David knows of my love for Mr Kennedy. I think he has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard, and have long held on to the memory of seeing him plus The Divine Comedy at Belfast Botanic Gardens. Epic? Oh yes.

    I second getting your hands on the Sweetmouth stuff if you can, just a beautiful album. There’s a song on there called “Broken By a Breeze” that is just lush. Lush, I tell you! 🙂

    And yeah, all other versions of ‘You Raise Me Up’ are maximum suckage.


    • Alastair Vance says:

      Ahh… love the quirkiness of Neil Hannon. I must add a Divine Comedy song up here sometime. I looked up Sweetmouth. Not sure about that.


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