Integrity Seminars4Worship LiveStream Sessions

If you missed the first session tonight from Paul Baloche on LiveStream, you missed a treat.  Paul is so full of experience and wisdom when it comes to being a worship leader that I always learn something when I hear him speak.

The following schedule lists upcoming sessions to be broadcast from the Integrity Live channel.  I am really looking forward to some of these – in particular – Steve Bowersox and Kathryn Scott (who is from my wee country of Northern Ireland).  I also want to hear Dr. Pete Sanchez speak since he’s been looking over some of my assignments as part of the Integrity Worship Institute.

Video quality and sound were fantastic on tonight’s session (bar a couple of startup hickups).  Thanks to Paul for taking the time to  share with us all.  There was around 230 viewers and a lot of interaction in the chat panel.  I even met a few NC peeps who will be going to the Seminars4Worship conference in Raleigh this November.  Can’t wait!

Schedule (9PM EDT/6PM PDT):

July 20 The Heart Behind ‘Glorious’ w/Paul Baloche
July27 Vocals with Steve Bowersox
Aug 3 ‘We Still Believe’ w/Kathryn Scott
Aug 10 Visual Worship w/Stephen Proctor, Luke McElroy & Greg Moore
Aug 17 Drums w/Carl Albrect
Aug 24 Guitar w/Ben Gowell
Aug 31 Audio David McCauley & Doug Gould
Sept 7 Integrity Worship Institute w/ Dr. Pete Sanchez
Sept 14 ‘Welcome to the Place of Level Ground’ w/Brian Doerksen

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