I Love You With The Love Of The Lord

I’m in my dad’s church. I’m in my early teens.
I was at the stage when girls start to look, well, interesting.
Our seats were arranged in a huge circle. We could see everyone.
When we sang this song we had to make eye contact.
Not with one person, but with each person in the room.
We went round the room singing little sections of the song to each person there.
Even the girls.
This was embarrassing for a kid. Honestly.
Eye contact with girls freaked me out.
Did she just flutter her eye lashes at me?
I’m looking with God’s love here, OK??
Maybe I’ll just skip her next time through the song.
But hey, I want to spend the whole verse looking right at that girl over there.
Hey, you, you’re supposed to make eye contact with me, it’s the rules!
I think sometimes they made us all hold hands in circle. Sweaty hand holding.

The eighties. Don’t you miss them? I don’t.
Dad, why did you make us sing this song?
While I contact my therapist, please share any songs below that you would not sing again and why.


3 thoughts on “I Love You With The Love Of The Lord

  1. Dude, we sang that song too! hahaha. I didn’t remember it until I heard it but yeah that pretty much brought me back. But we didn’t do the awkward circle sing – that sounds like a nightmare.

    The song I remember the most is an Easter song. I swear there were people that waited all year for that song and they would belt it out. “Up from the grave he arose….” I remember the men loved to belt out the deep bass during that part. It was probably written during World War II, it had a very military type cadence. Haha.

    Is it bad that I’m making fun of a resurrection song? Haha.

    This is pretty much exactly how our church would do it.


    • Alastair Vance says:

      So you didn’t do the eye contact thing? Who were you singing it too then? We should make this part of our growing deeper series… ha ha. I’m going to check out that YouTube video later.


    • Alastair Vance says:

      That video made me laugh. I love the contrast between the verse and the chorus. We can totally do this song. We just need a grand piano. I’ll get Jon to check on craigslist.


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