For People In The Trenches – The Forge Conference

I know I mention a few conferences on this blog throughout the year, but this one is different.  I have actually spent time with and got to know some of these guys in person, in particular my buddy Joel Klampert.  I’m excited about what they have put together here and the fascinating speakers and worship leaders they have on board.  What I like about their approach is that this conference is for everyone, no matter what size your church is, you will fit right in here.

The conference will take place on Sep 30 – Oct 02 2010 and it’s only $99 per person.  How cool is that?  Even better – bring a team of six or more and registration drops to $67.  Get yourself up to Ocean Grove, NJ at the end of September and have a blast!

You will meet fantastic people and forge lasting relationships.  You will also learn lots of valuable information from people who have been there and done that already which could actually save you a spot of bother in future!  The possibilities are endless!  Ha!

This conference will not be about show, glitz and wizardry.  This conference is designed to encourage you to get real and get deep with others in your community and with God.

Whether you can attend or not, please consider sharing the conference details with your facebook and/or twitter friends.  This is the very first year the Forge Conference is being hosted and I’m sure the guys would really appreciate a little help spreading the word.  Thanks!


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