Set Lists

Story Church Set List – 4 July 2010

  • We Stand – Alastair Vance
  • Holy Is The Lord – Chris Tomlin
  • Our God – Chris Tomlin
  • How He Loves Us – John Mark McMillan
  • Because Of Your Love – Phil Wickham

It was great being back at Story Church for the first time in three weeks.  While I was away, Stephen Claybrook from Crosspointe and Ashley McLaurin stood in and I heard they did a fantastic job.

It was so cool seeing people I’d never met before fully integrated and serving in the Story Church community in the time I’d been away!  I still find it exciting when people come and immediately connect with what Story Church is doing and where it’s going.

Yesterday was also six months since we started officially as a church.  Jeremy gave a good recap of our journey so far and encouraged us to get deeper in our relationships – and grow real community – people who are there for one another.

We did a song of mine yesterday too.  The band did a great job even though they had not much of a reference for the individual instrument parts.  We kind of threw it together during rehearsal.  It would have definitely benefited from more time to come up with a nice arrangement, but I think it we pulled it off OK for a first attempt.

I think we’re growing as a worshiping community.  People are starting to feel more relaxed about expressing themselves in worship.  It was a good morning!


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