Integrity Worship Institute

Integrity Worship Institute™ (IWI) is the training and educational division of Integrity Media™, the trusted world leader in harvesting, creating and distributing praise and worship music in more than 160 countries.

For more than two decades, Integrity Music has produced songs and artists that helped define the sound of worship for a generation.  Today you can learn from this experience, better serve the church and help define a new era of worship music without leaving the place God has called you to serve.

IWI offers a quality, balanced curriculum for worship leaders, pastors and worship team members which will equip you to lead your congregation into life changing worship.

  • The Online Campus offers a variety of courses giving you the choice of three levels of certification through Columbia Southern University (Foundational, Specialist, Professional).
  • The International Events are three day live events designed by IWI and co-sponsored by our partners in Brazil, Holland and South Africa.

IWI is cross-denominational, serving students from virtually all Christian traditions from thousands of churches worldwide.


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