Set Lists

Story Church Set List – 02 May 2010

  • Our God – Chris Tomlin
  • You Never Let Go – Matt Redman
  • Cannons – Phil Wickham
  • Consuming Fire – Tim Hughes
  • Reign In Us – Starfield

It was 90 degrees today… and we felt it this morning.  I was totally soaked before service even started!  This week we had Bruce on drums, Andrew on electric and Jon on bass.  We introduced Our God this week.  It’s such a great song and I think it went down well.  There was a lack of up-beat songs this week and I think the band felt it as we leaned towards playing all the songs a little faster than we should.  Jared got very upset when we played Cannons too fast and didn’t get the lick quite right.  Artistic license, Jared.

I picked my guitar up yesterday.  Wes Lambe did a great job with the lowering the action and fixing the holes.  The fret wear now is causing a little buzz though.  In fact it sounds a little twangy like a sitar.  But that’s OK, because I’m half Indian – ha!  Wes has already recommended the frets are replaced, so I’ll be taking it back to him in a week or two.

As always, it was a joy to lead worship this morning.

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