Worshipcentral :: Songs For A Movement

I found an awesome talk titled “Songs For A Movement” from worshipcentral recently.  It was recorded at their London Conference in March of this year.  If you have a passion for songwriting, or creative writing of any nature, you’ll find lots of wisdom from Martin Smith, Phil Wickham and Tim Hughes during this relaxed talk/interview.

I love hearing how other songwriters approach their craft.  The fact that it doesn’t always come easy to them either is totally reassuring for me.  I am totally encouraged after listening and have a little more boldness to attempt to be myself when writing, and not try to conform to a mold.

The church does not need any more of a particular style because it happens to be all the rage.  We need to encourage creativity, to write new songs in different styles that are born out of our current connection with God and the experiences of people in our church.

If you opt for the iTunes/podcast subscription (highly recommended), this month’s podcast with Graham Kendrick is also really insightful.  Graham touches on the balance of production and accessibility of songs.


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