Here’s My Info

The Justin Teseniar Band CD release concert is only days away now.  I’m opening for the band with a few of my originals.  I’m thinking I should get some cards printed up so it’s easy to pass on my contact information if asked.

I’m looking for something neat and funky that will have my blog, facebook and twitter details on it.  I asked for some recommendations on Twitter today and got the following links to check out.

I really like the mini cards format on here.  Batch of 200 for $39.98.

Man, these are cheap.  Batch of 250 full color / 2 sided for around $12.

Bit more expensive.  Running at $45 for 2 sided full color.

Nice web site.  These guys do the skinny cards too.  Although 20 will cost you $6.95.

Wow.  These guys have some crazy sale going on. For 250 matte, they ask for $3.99.  Am I missing something?

Easy to use site with 250 cards running about $32 with express delivery.  Not bad.


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