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Set List – 28 Mar 2010

  • All Because Of Jesus – Fee
  • Everlasting God – Brenton Brown
  • You Alone Can Rescue – Matt Redman
  • Healer – Mike Guglielmucci
  • How Deep The Father’s Love – Stuart Townend

A great day today in many ways.  It’s exciting to see Story Church grow week by week as new visitors come to check us out.  It’s so much fun meeting new people and finding out a little about them and how they’ve arrived to where they are in life.  I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s start from the beginning…

I welcomed people this morning and invited them to worship by using the phrase “let’s make a start…”.  Jon and Paul seemed to find this funny.  They started ripping me on stage.  Very disrespectful.  Ha ha!

When picking the setlists I try to keep them fresh.  All Because Of Jesus has been around a while now, but we had never used it at Story Church until today.  I was actually a bit worried we wouldn’t pull this song off, but I think we did it justice this morning.  It will definitely stay in rotation for a while.

We followed this with Everlasting God and then Jenny came up to officially welcome everyone and mention the connection cards.

The message focused on Mark 11 today and Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem on a donkey.  I had been reading this passage earlier in the week.  What struck me about it was that these people were worshipping Jesus who they thought would take up an earthly throne and liberate them from the Romans.

If only they knew the full story!  How would that have changed their worship?  What if they knew Jesus was actually here to liberate the world from all bondage?  What if they knew that He was, and is, the King of all kings and Lord of all Lords?

How crazy would their worship have been with that knowledge?  Do we need to get more crazy with our worship?

After the message we started the next set with You Alone Are God and followed with Healer.  Two great songs that I still love.  To finish the set we used How Deep The Father’s Love which worked in well with Jeremy’s message.

I got Paul and Jon back by playing How Deep The Father’s Love in the wrong key.  In my mind the capo was on the correct fret, but I found out afterward it was not!  I wondered why Jon’s instrumental sounded so weird.  It certainly wasn’t what we rehearsed!  Ha ha!  The boys did well despite my error!

After church we had a large meeting with all those who want to get plugged in and serve at Story Church.  It was great to actually spend some time with everyone.  With all the setup and tear down that comes with being a portable church, I don’t get too much time to get to know people in our congregation.  It was also exciting to see so many people turn out willing to help!

Like I said, a great day.  I’m exhausted now and should be fast asleep.

As always, check out other set lists over at The Worship Community web site.


2 thoughts on “Set List – 28 Mar 2010

  1. Really like You Alone Can Rescue – I previewed it during our last Communion service and we are officially introducing on Good Friday. The Capo! I once forgot to even put it on and just went gangbusters on the song! Funny part was our band realized this and played right along…


    • Alastair Vance says:

      Hah hah… tonight in rehearsal, we started to play Salvation is Here and I had a different chord chart with me altogether. Last Sunday, the band did very well playing along with in the wrong key also. Thank God for good bands to support us!


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