Open Mic – 23 Mar 2010

Brian Wahl and myself headed down to an Open Mic in Raleigh the other night.  We’d been meaning to go for weeks and finally got around to it.  This was my second open mic ever, the last one was a few months ago now.  All in all – great fun!

Brian sang an original song he wrote for his wife called Seasons, followed by a classic U2 song, Mysterious Ways.

I’d heard Brian sing this on YouTube, but his live performance was even better.  Well done man.  You can read Brian’s recap of the night here.

I sang Jeff Buckley’s version of Hallelujah, followed by a traditional Irish song called Will You Go, Lassie Go? I hope to do a YouTube video of the Irish song sometime soon.

A couple of acts before me a girl also sang Hallelujah. I thought it might be a bit weird me singing it also, but it was all I had with me.  I think next time it will be wise to have a couple of songs spare to change out if required.

The thing I love about Open Mics are the vast range of musical styles and abilities on show.  The atmosphere is always good and supportive and its a great way to get experience performing in front of a live audience.

We got there fairly early but thankfully were able to choose our time slots on the list.  We both aimed for around the middle section of the night because going first is not easy.  The audience need warmed up first!


3 thoughts on “Open Mic – 23 Mar 2010

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    • Alastair Vance says:

      We had a great time Matt and will be back. I just happened to notice you guys do lessons. I’m interested in having my two boys learn. I, or my wife, will be in touch for more details.


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