Set Lists

Set List – 21 Mar 2010

  • Salvation Is Here – Joel Houston
  • My Saviour Lives – Jon Egan and Glenn Packiam
  • Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble – Martin Smith
  • Blessed Be Your Name – Matt Redman
  • Consuming Fire – Tim Hughes

This morning went really well.  We started off with Salvation Is Here and I took the chance during the introduction to encourage people to clap their hands.  I normally shy away from trying to tell people how to worship, but I think it helped this morning.

We followed with My Saviour Lives and then Jeremy welcomed everyone.  Jeremy reinforced my earlier clapping gesture by encouraging people to enter in to worship when we sing.  How do you engage with the congregation when leading songs?  How do we teach people how to worship through music?

After the message (Luke preached this week and did great), we kicked off with Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble.  It’s an old song, but I love it – classic Delirious – the chorus is so triumphant.  Next was Blessed Be Your Name and finally Consuming Fire.  Most folks probably didn’t notice that little British set I sneaked in there.  Ha!

We had another new drummer this week and he was great.  Jon’s getting his money’s worth from that Craiglist’s advert.

Sunday Setlists

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3 thoughts on “Set List – 21 Mar 2010

  1. wubba says:

    re: instructing people “how to worship” – I think you know my take on this 🙂

    I feel totally comfortable inviting people to shout, clap, sing (even had our first “corporate snapping” experience a few months ago 🙂

    couple caveats – it’s best to have some rapport with the group before asking them to respond like this. balance is important too – if you tell them to clap for every song, you’ll come across as bossy. finally, a personal value is that i try to MODEL physical worship more than instruct people on it. otherwise, for me it’s just a game of Simon Says.


  2. Alastair, great set – you really did go UK didn’t you?

    I think the whole idea of encouraging the congregation to worship with us is very important – it’s a priestly, shepherdly duty, and so of course has to be done with a right heart motive. I find Ps. 34:1-3 to be one of the most important worship leading scriptures in the Bible, for me personally. We’re to bless His at all times, make our boast in Him, and invite others who have a heart to seek Him to magnify Him with us.

    Hey, by the way, I really like the new blog. Well done!


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