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STORYCHURCH Set List – 14 Mar 2010

First off – welcome to my new blog home.  I’ll be tweaking things as I go along, so bear with me while I settle in here.

Sunday was great.  I think the time change threw a few people though. It was a bit emptier.

We had a new drummer this week who Jon managed to find on Craigslist.  It’s all to do with the way you draft the advertisement I think.  At least for me, there’s a lesson to be learnt here.  My advertisements yielded no results in comparison.  Maybe I’ll have Jon guest blog and share his expertise on that one?

We kicked off with Glory To God Forever.  Incidentally, have you heard Vicky Beeching’s version of it yet?  It’s way different that I expected it would be.  Anyway, after that we went into Holy Is The Lord.  We changed to this song during rehearsal, as the planned Here I Am To Worship felt a bit flat.

After the message we played Cannons, Relevation Song and Before The ThroneCannons worked well, but for me the song of the day was Relevation SongBefore The Throne was challenging to play because of the song’s rhythm, but I love it so much.

We finished off with Glory To God Forever – which reminds me – I need to pick up a new guitar lead and/or battery.  We kept getting big cracks/pops on the downbeat from my guitar.

I felt way less prepared this week with regards to what to say between songs as a means of encouragement or direction.  Last week was better in that department.  It brings to light that leading congregational worship is way more than getting up there and singing through a few songs.

I got really good advice from another worship leader friend of mine on Sunday afternoon and I definitely want to talk through some of that here on the blog.  So keep your eyes open for that coming up soon.

Finally – Congratulations to Jeremy and Kimi on the birth of baby Isaiah!


3 thoughts on “STORYCHURCH Set List – 14 Mar 2010

  1. wahba says:

    love the new blog layout – very easy on the eyes!

    please share more about the craigslist post. even if you post what Jon wrote. I’m really curious to read it for some odd reason.


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