Do You Daydream?

I’ve been reading Donald Miller’s new book “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” and he talks a lot about his day dreaming.

It reminded me of my teacher at Primary School (Elementary) having words with my parents about me staring into space during class.  I was probably imagining beating the living daylights out of people I disliked.  As I grew older my fighting style progressed to precision martial arts.  I was so good.

When I used to listen to Jars Of Clay a lot, I would often dream of replacing Dan Haseltine should he leave or something bad happen to him.

When I read Keith Green’s life story “No Compromise” in my teens I used to day dream about leading a worship service where God moved so powerfully that I had to hide under a piano also.

I still daydream today.  Sometimes my brain uses it to play out scenario’s in advance.  A bit like Nicolas Cage in the film Next.  If the scenario plays well, I’ll run with it in real life.

I’m not a crazy.

Do you daydream?  What do you daydream about?


One thought on “Do You Daydream?

  1. Yes, I daydream. I day daydream about… well, a bunch of stuff too (like why people hate Mondays).

    As the Scarlet Letter says, “We dream in our waking moments and walk in our sleep.”

    -Marshall Jones Jr.


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