Set Lists

Set List – 20 Dec 2009 – Preview #4

  • O Little Town Of Bethlehem
  • O Holy Night
  • Cannons
  • O Come Let Us Adore Him
  • Light Of The World
  • O Come, O Come Emmanuel


That’s our last preview done and dusted.  If there’s anything I’ve learnt from these previews it’s this: expect the unexpected.  You’d think by the fourth time we’d have the process polished.  However, it’s pretty hard to pin that tail on the donkey when it keeps moving.  I guess that’s how it is with the mobile church.  You need to learn to be flexible, to adapt, and work around new hurdles each new week brings.


As far as preparation goes, I had the band organized early on.  I started off with a bass player, electric guitar and me on acoustic.  I always find drummers the most difficult people to find.  When I found out my electric guitar guy could play drums,  I switched him to drums and pulled in another electric guitar player.

I held a pre-rehearsal night (Tuesday) with the new electric guitar guy to go over arrangements.  Electric guitar guy tried to get me to play O Holy Night in 6/8, but I wanted to keep it in line with O Little Town Of Bethlehem and play it in 4/4.  Main rehearsal was on Friday that week.  I found out electric guitar guy couldn’t make rehearsal on Friday so was glad we’d met up earlier in the week.  We still had bass and drums for Friday, right?

On Thursday, my bass player let me know he couldn’t play.  My electric guitar guy also plays bass, but I couldn’t decide if what setup would be best – electric-bass-acoustic or bass-drums-acoustic.  In the end I opted for bass-drums-electric.

Friday rehearsal was previously-electric-now-drums-guy and me.  We had borrowed a drum kit, but stands were missing for the cymbals and we had no drum sticks.  A quick run to the music store sorted out our drum stick issue (thanks Dan!) and a baby chair was used as an improvised cymbal stand for the night.

Still with me?

Preview Day

Preview day came.  We had a different sound desk this time. Different equipment = different problems!  It took longer than expected to set up.  By the time we got the soundcheck completed we quickly ran through 2-3 of the songs.  I think we will be buying a new sound desk before we launch.

We started on time and after two verses of O Little Town Of Bethlehem I invited people to stand up (if they wanted to).  We transitioned into O Holy Night and all was ok – until we hit the chorus.  It sounded like two songs playing at once.  It was scary bad.  Neither I or the drummer could recover from it.  It was grin and bear it time.

After the announcements we launched into Cannons, O Come Let Us Adore and Light Of The World.  This time was special.  I felt people entered into worship like never before since leading at Story Church.  This was a real breakthrough.  It nearly made the excruciating 3 minutes of O Holy Night worth it.

Jeremy spoke really well and then introduced the final song O Come O Come Emmanuel.  I think we did this song justice.

Launch Day

Story Church launches on January 10, 2010.  We have lots of work to do to prepare for this.  Exciting times ahead.  We’d love for you to come visit us.  See the website for details.

See what songs other churches used this weekend over at Sunday Setlists.


2 thoughts on “Set List – 20 Dec 2009 – Preview #4

  1. ” I felt people entered into worship like never before since leading at Story Church. This was a real breakthrough” – kind of says it all right there, doesn’t it? That’s what we’re here for – makes all the rest, well…if not worthwhile, at least tolerable!

    Merry Christmas, Alastair!


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