The Diversity Card

We got this email the other day from our kid’s classroom assistant.  Names have been changed to protect identities.

Hi Parents of Mrs. Smith’s class,

Due to the diversity in our class I am not doing a class Christmas gift for Mrs. Smith.  So many people celebrate differently.  You are more than welcome to have your child send in something special for Mrs. Smith for whatever holiday your family celebrates.  We will be doing a gift for Mrs. Smith with the whole class in March for Teacher Appreciation and the end of the school year.  Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the time with your kids.

Sandy Stingey-Bottom

Room Parent for Mrs. Smith

This annoyed me somewhat.  Why bring diversity into this?  Is it against anyone’s religion to give or accept a gift?  Isn’t diversity about all of us having the freedom to celebrate our beliefs rather than feeling we need to suppress those beliefs for fear of insulting a particular ethnic/religious group?

2 thoughts on “The Diversity Card

  1. John says:

    The PC brigade are everywhere!!! I thought America was a nation built on Judeo-Christian values and traditions – so shouldn’t that take the priority over other traditions?


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