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Set List – 22 Nov 2009

  • Your Grace Is Enough – Matt Maher / Chris Tomlin
  • Cannons – Phil Wickham
  • Consuming Fire – Tim Hughes
  • Above All – Micheal W. Smith

It makes me so happy to see new people join us at Story Church.  However, I am even happier at the fact that these new people choose to come back!  Story Church is growing and it’s exciting to be a part of it.  God is opening so many opportunities for us right now that will allow us to support our local community.

I’ve been loving the song Consuming Fire recently and this morning we introduced it in our service.  It’s so easy to sing and the words for me are powerful.  It worked very well, so we’ll definitely be keeping the song in circulation for a while.

I’m starting to tire a little of Your Grace Is Enough.  Think it’s time to hold back a little on it before it’s over cooked.

Does anyone sub-consciously categorise songs like I do?  There are exceptions, but I find myself placing most songs in my library into one of three categories.

  1. Fast / Up-tempo / Praise
  2. Medium / Praise
  3. Slow / Intimate / Worship

I put Your Grace Is Enough in the Fast category which is one of the lesser populated categories in my library.  Most of my library will fall into Medium and Slow.  I have improved over the years by building up my collection of Fast songs, but there’s still not enough to select from sometimes.

Story Church meet each week on Sunday at 10am in Spring Valley Elementary School – 2051 Northern Durham Parkway Durham, NC 27703.

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10 thoughts on “Set List – 22 Nov 2009

  1. Taking your categorisation thing a step further…we literally file our songs by tempo…so the various leaders can look in a section and focus only on what they need, be it fast / slow / etc.

    Our medium songs get called transitional…and are by far the least populated section of our catalogue, cos we just don’t use them much. The latest that we’ve put into that group is Hillsong’s Glow.

    Meanwhile, gotta say how much I love Cannons & Consuming Fire – great songs


      • Our sets are split throughout the meeting… Our opening set is 50% fast, 50% slow…usually with a drawn out transition from the fast to the slow, to bring the mood down, rather than using what might be a transitional song.

        Then at the end of the meeting, it would be 90% slow and 10% transitional.

        Except when it turns into a huge party and people start conga lines around the church and we just end up playing fast songs for half an hour or whatever 🙂


  2. Yes, I have those same categories in my library as well, except that I call the medium ones “Driving”, which doesn’t always fit, but for the most part it works. We’re using Planning Center Online, and I have all the songs coded in there, so I can search for a song in any category easily.

    Our Fast songs are also the smallest group, with Driving being the largest.


  3. I don’t file by category, rather by alphabetical. Perhaps this is because I plan the services and lead the band so I know where to go for the various tempos. My files are all on my pc. I have a general file called “worship songs” and another one called “new songs.”
    Every time someone has a free pdf download or if I purchase a song chart from Praise Charts or the like, I put it in the new song file. It keeps me current and is like having my own resource center right at my fingertips.

    A few up tempo song suggestions that work for us:
    Today is the Day
    Because of Your Love (Baloche or Hughes)
    Happy Day
    My Saviour Lives
    Who Paints the Shies (Stuart Townend)
    Hallalujah (Brenton Brown)


    • I tried the whole alphabetical thing before. It doesn’t last long to be honest. Usually for each set I’ll have one or two songs that I definitely want to do. The rest of the set is filled in my browsing through my library and picking out songs that I think will fit based on a) song key, b) transition possibilities, c) speed, and d) theme.

      Love Happy Day! Haven’t used it yet though.


      • Happy Day works really well for us, while I’d love to do Holding Nothing Back too – but not sure when/if it will make it into our repertoire before we depart for the cold of the north.


  4. Hey, I’m tired of Your Grace is Enough too 🙂 How is “Cannon’s” going over at your place? By the way i’m in NC right now for Thanksgiving vacation. Love it here though it’s much cooler here than in FL 🙂



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