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Eyes Open? Eyes Closed?

Yes, the age old argument.  I’ve never been too fussed either way whether a worship leader keeps their eyes open or closed.  A bit of both works for me usually.

However last night I watched a video that made me think that the eyes OOpen thing can get a little weird.  Now, I like Chris as much as the next worship leader, but now I have his wee face burned into the back of my retinas after watching this.  In-flip-in-tense.


4 thoughts on “Eyes Open? Eyes Closed?

  1. HAHA oh wow. It’s like that thing where you look away and they image is still with you and you see it on the wall 🙂
    My my how things have come since 2006. Seriously, I don’t hate the guy, he’s been instrumental in shaping my worship leading habits. I owe alot to Uncle Louie, the Passion Movement, and Chris Tomlin, but I don’t think there’s a lick of emotion or worship there in the beginning. Something must have been wrong. Couldn’t hear? Messy mix? Mix up on the memo and Candie Land set turned into Candle Land and the fear of one of those incredible Collings going up in flames? I don’t know.


  2. OH but to add something of actual value to the discussion: I do both. It’s not something I plan like “Oh here comes the bridge I’m going to shut my eyes for dramatic effect.” but yeah, I do both open and closed.


    • I am intentional about keeping them open to try to connect with people. I’ll try to look around the room at different people during the service. At times I do close my eyes also – but not intentionally.

      I do find if I’m looking around the room too much I can get distracted and make mistakes.



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