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Set List – 29 Aug 2009

  • logo03FinalGlory To God – Steve Fee & Vicky Beeching
  • Holy Is The Lord – Chris Tomlin
  • How Deep The Father’s Love – Stuart Townend

I had quite the packed day today and ended up at church without my chord sheets even though I’d gone to the bother of printing them out earlier.  I had ‘Glory To God’ as we did it last week, but had to wing the next two songs.  I actually remembered the chords pretty good.  Does that mean we go without music stands when Story Church launches?  Ha! We’ll see.

Only two weeks to go until first preview service at Spring Valley Elementary!

See what songs other churches did this weekend over at the Sunday Setlist Carnival.


5 thoughts on “Set List – 29 Aug 2009

  1. Freeing yourself from music stands and charts is quite liberating, trust me. Especially when you get that inspiration to change up songs in the middle of a set, or add one during worship.

    We’re about 85% there, which is pretty cool. Keep at it.


    • I’ve led worship at a church where we didn’t use music stands. However, everything was so rehearsed it would have been near to impossible to change the song during the service no matter how pressing the inspiration!


  2. Al,
    Would love to go sans stands, but we are no where close to being there yet! We have maybe 4 or 5 that we can all do, without charts but that’s about it!

    Great set and good luck on the launch!



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