BBC Chris Moyles on Church

I thought this  video was really interesting.  It features a clip from a BBC radio show hosted by Chris Moyles.  He watched a church service on TV and seemed quite amazed by the whole affair.  You can’t buy publicity like this.

The church is Kingsgate Community Church located Peterborough, UK.  They are singing Happy Day by Tim Hughes.

ht: He Must Increase


8 thoughts on “BBC Chris Moyles on Church

  1. How beautiful! Wow! Wonderful!
    Are we back round now in our culture to where we can winsomely talk about Jesus and see people respond without shame and with interest? Oh! I hope so!


  2. I heard Chris speak about this on his show. I have to admit, when he first started talking about seeing a church on TV, I was anticipating the whole ‘pile on’, let’s laugh at the silly Christians type of thing.

    How wrong was I. It was fantastic that he saw that this was what church should be like. I hope he investigates it more (yes, I am one of those who prays for the salvation of celebs. I have a ‘hitlist’ :-))


  3. chadkmiller says:

    Great video, so refreshing to hear someone say how exciting it can be to worship Jesus. I would have liked to have been there. What a great piece by Chris Moyles, thanks for linking to it man. I hope to be able to come to Story Church in the coming months and worship like this!


      • I’ve just mentioned you and linked to this post in my blog – hope that’s ok with you!

        I do keep up for the most part, but I’ve had to refine my listening habits. Haven’t listened to Cherie McIlwaine on Radio Ulster for AGES!

        We can never underestimate the hidden longing in people’s hearts, nor should we hide who we are as the body of Christ. Time to get rid of that ‘cultural cringe’ where we think we have to be the coolest kid in school for others to want to be with us or get to know what we know.

        I still believe that if we raise Christ up, He WILL draw others unto Him, and the winds of fashion and post-post-modern culture and counterculture cannot change that.


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