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What Would Love Do?

I hopped into bed one night last week and grabbed my song writing book.  I wrote the following song.  It is based on actual visual memories that I have of how I can react (in a bad way) to homeless and poor people.  God knows my attitude needs to change and be more like Him.  I need to shed my suspicions, fears and silly excuses and let God soften my heart.

The song is not finished just yet, and I indicate below the sections I am currently focused on.  I don’t want it at all to be a negative song, but one that convicts us and makes us reevaluate how we interact with the different types of people we meet in life.

What I want the listener to take away from it is the story of God’s love and the inspiration to show that love to everyone.  For God so loved the world that He sent His only son, for each and everyone!

Verse 1
I see the sign that you’re holding
Something tells me it’s not the truth
My money stays in my pocket
I’m gonna need to see some proof

Verse 2
I see you lying in the street corner
Are you pretending to be asleep
Maybe you’ve just drank yourself silly
With the money you should’ve used to eat

Why am I at times so guarded
Why am I afraid of being deceived
What would love do in this situation
Lord, it’s through Your eyes I need to see

Verse 3
I see you wander up through the crowd
People are moving to give you space
You’re checking trash cans as I walk past
The wounds of loneliness mark your face

(I’m planning on replacing the next two lines, but keeping the last two)

Why am I at times so guarded
Why am I afraid of being deceived

What would love do in this situation
Lord, it’s through Your eyes I need to see

Verse 4
I feel the guilt and roll down my window
You cross some lanes to collect my change
You smile and say “God bless you”
I drive and contemplate the irony

For God so loved the world
That He sent His Son
For each and every one
For each and every one
(I was thinking of expanding the bridge more also)


6 thoughts on “What Would Love Do?

  1. Michelle Clarkson says:

    I believe in you as a song writter….and you said that you accept any comments..I do not mean this in a negitive way but the line where you said ..maybe you’ve just drank yourself silly??? not so sure bout that I know what your getting at but could you reword it somehow??This is just a suggestion..I SEE YOU LYING ON THE STREET CORNER PRETENDING TO BE ASLEEP(OR HAS THE BOTTLE TALKEN YOU PRISIONER LEADING YOUR SOUL TO DEFEAT)? What do you think?…God Bless MichXeXe =)


    • Yes, feedback is great in any form. Thanks Michelle.

      I guess it must be an Irish way of describing someone who has drunk too much. I kind of like it right now though. Let’s leave it as is for a while.


    • Wendell says:

      Don’t get too enraptured in torment, buddy, be careful. Sometimes the common populace in America doesn’t understand the emotions of an artist.

      However, I can’t say I can criticize your song at all because you’re a fellow songwriter, and I feel what you’re saying.


  2. Man it speaks with truth. We are so caught up in “self” and we see these people and God convicts us, yet we just choose to ignore it. We are called to help people and ya know if they turn around and buy whatever with what we give them, they will face God for that. We are called to give in faith. Maybe it’s our lack of faith in a just God that keeps us from helping others who “seem” to be in need. We forget or don’t believe that God would be so just.

    I’m sure I’ll get some flack from someone about the comment but whatever.


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