Funding a Church Plant

Dear Church Planters,

You know very well that it can take a few quid to get a church plant off the ground.  You know that finding that money is not always easy.

I’ve had a friend suggest the pastor preach as a guest in other churches.  He could share the vision of the church plant and afterwards lift an offering from people who wanted to partner with that vision.

Another friend informed me about ARC which I had heard of just hours before.  This essentially is an interest free loan which you repay by sending ARC 10% of your weekly tithes and offerings.  When the debt has been repaid you continue to contribute to ARC a small % each week.

I’m thinking that you who have walked this road already may know some neat ways of raising some dosh.  Would you please consider taking just a moment to share some things that worked for you?



One thought on “Funding a Church Plant

  1. Our heavenly Father has given me a vision to plant a church and start a church program. I will finish my MDIV in May. This church program is mainly to help teens and young adults find their direction in life, but also to help those in need.

    Finding funding for this church start up has been difficult. Help in this situation would be greatly appreciated.


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