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Help End Local Poverty


On Sunday night we ventured into downtown Raleigh to support the launch of the new non-profit organization Help End Local Poverty.

“Local” is wherever poverty is.  The organization works with local leaders to target poverty and other needs of the local community.

Their mission is to “Educate people by sharing the Story of the oppressed, so we can activate a movement of Love and HELP eradicate extreme poverty and bring hope to the desperate.

Liz and I are having our eyes opened more and more recently to what we should be doing as Christians.  If you, like me, are looking for ways to share God’s love you should consider supporting this worthy organization.

I love the objectives set by H.E.L.P., and although they are ambitious, these guys are passionate about what they are trying to achieve and I admire that.

We met lots of great people on Sunday night and watched performances from some amazing local musicians – Wahba and Silver.

wahba-cd I “met” Wahba a while ago on Facebook.  He serves as a worship leader at Hope Chapel in Apex.It was through Wahba I learned about the launch of H.E.L.P. and it was great to finally meet and hear him play in person.

I have been listening to his CD “the beautiful effect” this week and it is brilliant.  If you lead worship in your church you need to check out the track “Blessed One” (listen on myspace) which I’m really digging right now.

The CD contains 13 tracks – most of them written by Wahba himself.  In addition to “Blessed One”, “Giver”, “Saint” and “Lead Us to You” are great songs.


silver-cd I had not heard of Silver until I saw them mentioned on the invitation for the H.E.L.P. launch party.

I picked up their 8 track EP “+/-” on Sunday and have been enjoying listening to it.  They have a U2 feel mixed with a early Shins sound to their music.  For me, that’s a good mix.

My favourite track is “Beautiful Things”

BUY THE EP (iTunes)


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