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Untitled Song (Draft #1)

Here’s another song I’ve been working on recently. The melody has evolved since I put a draft of it online a few days ago. I explain some of my current thoughts at the beginning of the video. I would like to hear your comments on it as I felt the last song did benefit from some premature exposure.

Video Link:

We trust in Your holy name
Your greatness we will proclaim
You’re just and merciful Lord
Authority above all

Increase our faith and our hope in You
Reclaim our hearts and may You renew
Our desire to run after You
O Lord our God

You are our refuge from the winds
A stream of water through dry lands
You are our shade in the midday sun
You hold our lives in Your hands

Lord teach us to act justly
Lord teach us to love mercy
Lord teach us to walk humbly
With You God


9 thoughts on “Untitled Song (Draft #1)

  1. The Lord has REALLY BLESSED you, buddy! What do you like to be called? I’m Teresa. The songs that you have written and the melody are like honey. I am SO impressed!!!!!!!! Speechless!!!!!!!! Honest!!!!!!!


  2. jbunch says:

    I really love your song, Alastair. I honestly feel that it is mostly complete. The third verse out of Isaiah seems to be more of a chorus for the song. It sounds really good and very powerful since it is basically Scripture.

    Great job, man. Keep it up.

    So I leave in the Greensboro area and make trips to the Durham area twice a week. Sometime we should grab lunch and bounce some ideas of off each other.


  3. Allen says:

    I love it. You were concerned about the wordiness of the third verse, but I really like the imagery. Looking forward to the mp3 :).

    I have an hour-long commute, and your recordings have been a blessing. Thanks for sharing them! Don’t be surprised to hear your own voice coming from my car sometime while you’re driving around, as I work in RTP.

    Oh, my wife and daughter also join others I’ve seen here hoping you publish a CD.


    • Thanks very much Allen. I plan to re-record the two recent songs and I’ll put up some mp3s as well. Thanks for your encouragement. I’ll keep an ear out for your car driving past!! lol.


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