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Your Love Is Unfailing (Draft 2)

Here is a second draft of the song I have been working on.   I welcome your comments/suggestions on any aspect in order to make this song the best it can be.  The previous draft can be found here.

Apologies for the ‘popping’ in this recording!

I want to get close
Much closer than this
So help me lay down
All of my hindrances

Your word is a lamp
Helps me find my way
Clears clouds of confusion
Turns night into day

Jesus You rain all Your love down on me
Even though this heart is so unworthy
(Your love is unfailing)

You ransomed my heart
You paid a great cost
The pain You endured
Nailed there to that cross

The tomb could not hold
Your power and your might
This forever displayed
Your pure love divine

It’s deeper than the deepest ocean
It’s higher than the skies above
It’s stronger than the strongest fortress
Is Your unfailing love
(Your love is unfailing)


2 thoughts on “Your Love Is Unfailing (Draft 2)

  1. Alastair, fantastic song bro. You’ve even met Andrea’s approval and believe me, that BIG.

    Version 2 is much stronger lyrically and I like the slight change to the groove of the song. I could totally feel a Brooke Fraser vibe to this song and a big United style ending.

    I have one suggestion. Love the bridge (lyrics and feel). I would continue to lift the atmosphere with the bridge and dump right back into the chorus with it, BIG.

    Great job bro.


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