Video: For Who You Are

I love this song from Marty Sampson.  Sometimes we think we need to gather up some stuff in our head to praise God for, based on what he’s done for us recently.  This is good and we need to do that but sometimes that can be difficult to do – especially if you are going through a difficult time.  This song brings out a simple peace-inducing truth.

We should praise God just for who He is!

We don’t need any other reason!  He is God and worthy of our praise no matter how bad life seems sometimes.  He loves us unconditionally – that is amazing!  We need to remember God is control of every situation.  All we need to do is keep our eyes focused on Him and give Him our praise that He waaaay more than deserves.

Direct Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vx1-lliQV0U


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