Darrell Evans – Nothing Less Than Everything Review

Wisdom Moon recently sent me a copy of the new Darrell Evans CD titled Nothing Less Than Everything to review.  I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now and have been listening to it in the car while I commute to work.

nothing-less-than-everything-cd-coverjpgI wasn’t familiar with Darrell’s earlier work except for hearing Trading My Sorrows one or two times.  The CD was not what I expected at all.  Maybe it’s because it’s not the type of worship CD I have become accustomed to listening to over the years (i.e. Hillsong and those they influence).

What is different about this album is that you nearly feel like you are imposing on Darrell’s personal worship time with God.  The songs are a raw and honest cry out to Him.  This is refreshing.

As a worship leader, when I review an album, I have a (bad?) habit of leaning towards songs that I feel I could take and sing well in a church setting.

One of my favourite songs on the album is Everything… “I lay down my everything, everything for Jesus, You are everything…“.  This song is full of energy and I can see it going down well with many congregations.

Other great songs on the album for me are Beautiful Savior, Hide Away, Wonderful and Light Of The World.  If you head over to Wisdom’s blog you can listen to some samples from the album.

According to Darrell’s website, this album “wraps his joy, passion and experience in a fresh and powerful sound. In Darrell’s words, ‘It’s my prayer that the Lord will use these songs to help people connect with Jesus in a life-changing way’.”

That should be the heart’s desire of every worship leader.


2 thoughts on “Darrell Evans – Nothing Less Than Everything Review

  1. Nathan says:

    What an accurate discription of this worship! I really like the worship experience Darrell Evans brings us in to! The song Beautiful Savior, is similar to his “Lay my life down” & “prescious Jesus” on other albums, in that Darrell leads into a very intimate worship of Our Jesus that is unique. These songs are not difficult or full of exceeding talent that others can’t follow. They assist to take us before His Presence and I am thankful for that! Be Blessed & Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    -Nathan / Phx Az


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