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NHC Setlist 29/30 Nov 2008

  • King of Majesty – Marty Sampson
  • Blessed Be Your Name – Matt Redman
  • Hungry – Kathryn Scott
  • Our God Saves – Paul Baloche
  • Wonderful Cross – Chris Tomlin

What a crazy weekend.  We had skipped rehearsal this week due to thanksgiving.  We all turned up a little earlier than normal prior to Saturday’s 6.30pm service and went through the set.  Straight away I definitely missed the Wednesday rehearsal time – especially as I wanted to change some of the arrangements a little.

This week Dave was out of town, but a pre-recorded message was projected on a video screen.  It was all part of a test for the church’s multi-site plans.  Since it all was a bit new to everyone, they ran into a few technical difficulties on Saturday night.  I know there was a lot of people working hard to improve things for today’s services because it seemed to go much smoother.

To top it all off, my voice was at risk of going hoarse and poor Mike was ill.  If you catch the DVD for Saturday night I forgot to get rid of the cough sweet before taking to the stage.  It took 2 songs to suck that thing.

In the midst of all that craziness – God showed up.

King of Majesty is such a fun song to do and a great service opener.  It’s real easy for people to get into and sing along.  Blessed Be The Name always goes down well with the congregation.  Liz Hogan led on Hungry and did a great job.  Our God Saves was a real test of the vocal chords but everything went great.

We had communion at the end of each service.  We had people get out of their seats and go to one of the communion stations within the auditorium.  It was during this time we played Wonderful Cross.

Check out what other churches did this weekend over at the setlist carnival.


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