Worship: The Next Level

I want everyone involved in this discussion no matter what level you are involved in worship at your church.  What’s your vision for worship in church?  How do we push worship to the next level?

We can often fall into a rut and keep doing the same thing week in and week out.  Is this ok?  Personally I’m always asking myself “where do we go from here?”.  How do we take this up a notch?  What is the way forward for our church related to praise and worship?  How can we create a more authentic and engaging worship environment for our congregation?

I’d also love to hear from people not involved in leading worship.  How can us worship leaders serve you better?

The following is a bit of brain dump to provoke discussion, but what does taking it to the next level mean to you?

  • …copying the style of the next biggest church to yours?
  • …putting together a band?
  • …learning how to play an instrument?
  • …going to vocal lessons?
  • …keeping eyes open?
  • …keeping eyes closed?
  • …writing our own worship songs?
  • …introduce some new songs?
  • …teaching more about what worship is?  Does your congregation know HOW to worship?
  • …selecting more accessible/singable songs?
  • …find a mentor?
  • …sing more sophisticated songs because our band is super talented and everyone will be impressed?
  • …incorporating the latest hits from the radio?
  • …ditching the music stands?
  • …buy a new instrument?
  • …read/study the bible more?
  • …upgrading lights, speakers, and camera equipment? (see IMAG post)
  • …reducing the number of songs we play?
  • …grow and rotate more worship leaders?
  • …keeping it just like the CD?
  • …projecting lyrics on screen?
  • …striving for excellence?
  • …use moving video backgrounds?
  • …listening to the CD at least once before we play it?
  • …being real with the congregation?
  • …use song loops to fill out band sound?
  • …practice song transitions (talkie bits)?
  • …start blogging/twittering?
  • …bond more with the band?
  • …play louder?
  • …hire some talent?
  • …go to more conferences?
  • …grow some talent?
  • …use video transitions?
  • …meet with the team regularly to pray/study/worship?
  • …read more books?
  • …dress better on stage?

Another thing to consider is, does it matter what type of church you go to?  For example seeker sensitive church vs. non-seeker sensitive church.  In a seeker sensitive environment, does our approach to taking worship to the next level differ?  Do we hold back from singing more intimate worship songs?

I’ve grown up in church all my life, and I’ll admit I find it hard to imagine what people think when they walk into a church for the first time.  What does a first-time church goer think about worship songs?

Is the Holy Spirit able to move as freely in a tightly planned/scheduled environment as in loosely planned environment?

Tell us where you’re at… tell us some of the things you’ve done to raise the banner that bit higher.


6 thoughts on “Worship: The Next Level

  1. To take worsdhip to the next level takes all of your worship team members committed to sing God move in your midst. Pray, Practice, and study together. God is a personality and each service has personality to it. Its not your service its God’s. He must be allowed to take it in the direction he wants. We are just vessels we must let God do what he wants with us and in our midst . The Spirt is a gentleman and will never force us to do something. He gently leads and its up to us to follow.


  2. This may not be what you’re going for, but…

    Taking worship to the next level, for our church and maybe for ALL believers, is growing, deepening and enriching our own personal worship of God… how we relate to God, how we communicate with Him, how we worship through the passions He’s put in us (giving them back to Him, like singing to/about Him, writing about/to Him, etc.), deepening our prayer life and getting in the Word, letting God fill us with His Spirit and truly empower us, and then taking all this to our corporate worship times and to the world–to all aspects of our lives.

    Okay, now that I also “brain dumped,” let me [try to] sum that up:

    Taking our worship to the next level is each of us taking time to personally “drink in” from God’s living waters, relating to Him in the way that we surrender ourselves to Him more & more, allowing Him to fill us to OVERflowing, spilling out in everything we are and everyone we interact with.

    This makes me think of the woman at the well. She literally spent time interacting with Jesus, and He overflowed into her the living water He spoke of: She left the well and everyone she came in contact with in her town found out–her interaction with Jesus overflowed from her and affected everyone else also.

    I think this is what will make all of us into deeper, richer and more free worshipers of God–we will worship more freely corporately in our own personal way because God leads us to discover how we interact with Him during our own time spent with Him (in all the ways that happens).

    I’m glad you asked this, because I never concretely had thought this before! And now I have to reflect on this! God is awesome!


  3. So, after reading and responding to your post, my thoughts are going here:

    How can we equip ourselves as believers in what I wrote above? And how can ministry folk equip believers in this?


  4. In the book of john ,Jesus said, the time is coming and now is, when the true worshipers will worship God, not in the mountains as the Samaritan lady claimed nor in Jerusalem as the Jews claimed, but in spirit and in truth. therefore thereis a need to WHO God is, and that comes by relationship, then we will know HOW to worship Him. Because there is so in God that the closer we get to Him , the deeper our revelation about Him gets and the more our ignorance is is exposed. After paul the apostle had been use mightily by God , he still said “that I may know Him….” The next level in our worship will be determined by how much we want to know him in all proximity.


  5. John 4:24 said “to worship Him in Spirit & in truth” — for as long as the worship team worship Him in Spirit and in truth; worship Him with a pure heart (no pretensions, like you seem like entertaining people instead of worshipping with them); having a fresh relationship with the Lord always, in that way the Spirit wil just move while we worship thru songs, i guess, there should be a lifestyle of worship wheter we are on stage or not, thinking that our audience is not the congregation but God Himself.


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