The Real Supersimbo!

Well, I did it.  I met up with that bloke I met online.  Everybody warned me not to go.  “You get all sorts of people on t’internet these days…”, they said.  You do indeed get many people out there pretending to be someone they’re not.  Not in this case.

I met up with Ally Simpson and his wife Cherith tonight up at Starbucks in Ballymena.

I can’t remember how we first hooked up online (think it was facebook), but I’ve been reading Supersimbo.com for a while now and bantering with Ally on Twitter.  We talked about various things – our backgrounds,  why we blog, our current church life and so on.

It was all over too soon.  Obviously we could not part without a photo to prove it actually happened.


4 thoughts on “The Real Supersimbo!

  1. cheers for the nice comments! Did people really warn you not to meet up?
    That happened when we were meeting Karyn from Canada, my mum was a bit distressed. “you are meeting a Canadian WOMAN that you do not know?, well i hope you are taking your wife, and i hope you know what your doing bla bla bla”

    I tried to explain web2.0 but pah!!

    Thanks again man 🙂


  2. I got a bit of stick from work colleagues when I said I was meeting up with someone I met online. That’s funny about your mum.

    So you brought Cherith with you because you thought/think I might be weird? 😉


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