Ice Ice Baby!

I found an old bible of mine this morning and in the back cover was a “rap” that I had wrote as a kid in 1990 (embarrassingly not as young as I first thought). Vanilla Ice has a lot to answer for…

Now listen up and listen up good
We’d give you salvation if we could
But we can’t — can’t
It’s up to you
To make your own choice for your life
And be like us and never die
Yes I said, we won’t die
We give our lives to Jesus on high

Like our rap, do you?
By clapping your hands you can join in too!
I guess you’re wondering why we gleam?
We’re born again Christians called the A-Team

Now listen up while I tell you our scheme
Yes I said, our scheme is to win Strabane* for our King
This King is called Jesus Christ
Died on the cross to sacrifice
Yes sacrifice, his life for ours
Our sins were forgiven that very hour
Three days later he rose that day
Ascended to heaven to return the same way
Yes I said, he’s to return
Not far in the future, but very soon
Interested, are you?
Jesus can change your life too
Just ask Him to come in
And he’ll forgive your sins
And then from there
Your new life begins!

I can’t remember what the use of colour represented – it might have something to do with who sings what when more that one person is singing.  I’m just copying it directly from the little bible.  I cringe as I type it out… it brought back to memory the time my Dad got my brother and I to sing our “rap” for the congregation.  Man, we thought we were cool.

* I used to live in Strabane.


3 thoughts on “Ice Ice Baby!

  1. Dude the red text are the words Jesus spoke. Those must have been words directly inspired by Him :)…sacrilege I know but my Baptist upbringing was screaming out!


  2. Heh heh… you might be on to something there! I remember getting my first red letter King James bible. Man that was cool! 😉

    Didn’t DC Talk have a song called “The Red Letters” or something like that?


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