I Surrender All – Sing Along!

This is an experiment!  I quickly made a video of the song with an inset of the chords for those wanting to learn it.  Apologies for the video/sound quality.

Direct Link:

I Surrender All
Matt Hooper

Verse 1:
Je – sus Earth cannot hold the beauty of Your splendour
Fa – ther Heaven cannot contain Your majesty

Pre Ch 1:
I will trade the best of me
For all You are I’m falling into You

I surrender all
I surrender all I am
To the Saviour who surrendered all (for me)

Verse 2:
Saviour gave up a crown of Heaven for a crown of thorns
Always Yours is the crown of life I’m living for

Pre Ch 2:
Everyday I breathe You in
The sweetness of Your love is all I need

For all You are and for
All I can become
Jesus, I’m laying down my life

Copyright © 2005 Matt Hooper / Abundant Life Music / Wapping Road, Bradford, BD3 0EQ, England


24 thoughts on “I Surrender All – Sing Along!

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  2. Dan says:

    Glad I could help! I notice you said you cant find the chords for Saviour? If you have the RPM CD ‘I Surrender All’ the chords should be on the DVD….


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  4. Tina Neufeld says:

    Hey, Thanks for posting this song. My husband came across it while choosing songs for Sunday morning worship. We hope to do it as a special number for the offering. Great song.


  5. Tina Neufeld says:

    The special number went great. We were a little concerned that we wouldn’t be able to do the song justice since we only had 3 days to learn it, plus my husband plays keys not guitar. Anyway, we had lots of people comment on what a great song and how much they enjoyed it.

    We have no budget for new music at the moment, so your postings on youtube are awesome…helping us see some of the stuff that’s out there. Thanks.


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  9. Courtney White says:

    I first saw the video (I surrender all) at the Youth Mentoring Conference – GodTV, six weeks ago, tried to search in the USA for the song but came up empty. Fortunately, I recorded the conference and would repeatedly listen while worshipping My Lord & Savour Jesus Christ. Today, I did a google search and realize you’re in UK. Thanks for an awesome powerful worship song/lyrics, may Jesus continue to bless you.


  10. dan says:

    Hey – thought I would let you know that an exclusive song from RPM’s brand new album is online now a few weeks before it’s release:

    The song is called ‘Give My All’ – enjoy!


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