I Surrender All

This morning I lead worship in our church. I prepared the song list earlier in the week and at the time was very happy with the songs that I had chosen.

However, practice started at 0930 this morning and was a little rougher than usual. One particular song that I like sounded complete pants. Why had I chosen this song? I wasn’t even sure I wanted to sing it anymore.

After the practice we had a time to pray for a short time.

The service started, a little later than the advertised 11am. The pastor opened in prayer and handed over to the band. We started with “Knocking on the door of heaven”, followed by “Glory”, then “Grace like rain”, followed by “I surrender all”… this is the song that sounded pants during practice, and it still didn’t sound much better 2nd time round.

I quickly moved on to “Thank You for the cross Lord”. During this song, I could see people moving around the front. I knew someone wanted to share something. They did and it really opened up the worship.

More people got up and shared, indicating how the songs that we played had spoke to them. To my surprise “I surrender all” actually managed to touch people, regardless of how we performed it.

God can move in any situation. We just need to be willing and give our best. I’m glad I didn’t drop the song from the set. I’m blessed that God used the song to speak to people at the service. This is what it is all about.


4 thoughts on “I Surrender All

  1. Wow, am I the first to comment on your blog? Praise God that folks in your church were so moved by the song, regardless of how poorly you think it was performed. The Holy Spirit must have sung to them loud and clear through the lyrics. And what’s a more powerful sentiment than surrendering everything to Christ? Amen!


  2. Hey sewing you are indeed the first to comment! Thanks for popping along. I too am a software developer. Intrigued by your journey to Christ!

    Hi Klampert, glad you like the song. Do you know it? Just after sticking up a video of it. The quality is a bit ropey but you’ll get the idea! 😉


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